Beer from the Land of a Thousand Engineers

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Ruosniemi Brewery (Ruosniemen Panimo) was established by five beer-loving engineers searching for a hobby to balance the dullness of office environment and daily Excel-routines.

Our first brewery setup was built from old dairy equipment DIY-style. Currently we operate a 20 hl professional brewing equipment and our little hobby has become a profession.

Ruosniemi Brewery – Beer from the Land of a Thousand Engineers.

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Our mission is to brew modern, internationally acclaimed beer classics.

In 2017 Musta Lomittaja Smoked Saison was selected as World’s Best (Flavoured Smoke) in World Beer Awards and Arkkitehti Black IPA won Silver Medal in Brussels Beer Challenge.

Quod erat demonstrandum.



Brewers, Engineers, Humans. This is the team that runs the brewery on a daily basis. Other co-founders and shareholders participate in activities – especially the ones involving free beer – in their spare time.

Antti I.

CEO and Co-Founder. Inspired by science, art and integrity. Irritated by stupidity in all its forms. Mostly harmless.


Founder, Chairman of the Board, Chief Propellerhead


Sales, fluent German, public relations, bartending


Head Brewer, heavy metal, tattoos